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Alpha King’s Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 54

Read Alpha King’s Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 54

She still didn’t move a muscle, her eyes trained on the cell she was kept prisoner in.

“What’s wrong,” Tyson mind links me, stuck behind me on the steps with Ace.

“Just give her a sec” I mindlink back. She was frozen completely rooted to the spot unmoving.

“I am right behind you, no one will touch you with me here, you won’t be locked back up,” I tell her, leaning down and running my nose down her cheek. Heart rate slows but she still doesn’t let go of my arm around her chest where I grabbed her.

My father comes out of one of the cells at the back and she finally takes a breath of air regaining herself and stepping forward and letting me off the stairs and Tyson and Ace walk down as well.

“Ryker?” My father asks, staring in disbelief, that I would bring her back here.

“You’re safe with us,” I tell her, kissing her ear and she lets go of my arm. Tyson wanders off and I see Reika walk off out of the corner of my eye.

“You sure that’s wise bringing her back here?” My father asks, watching her as she steps into her old cell.

“Honestly I don’t know, but she wants him,” I tell him looking at the cell my father came out of.

“Is she going to let her wolf have him?” He says with a nod.

“No, she is sedated,” I tell him and his head snaps up at me.


“I know but she is pissed off with her wolf. I will fill you in later”

“You do realize you may have to k**l him, she is childlike, you really think she has it in her to k**l someone?”

“If she can’t do it I will,” I tell him, looking up and toward the cell only she wasn’t there.

“Reika?” I call out to her when I hear a door click shut. The cell door where our prisoner was. Tyson runs to open it when she turns, jamming a chair under the handle. I raced over to her tapping on the door.

“Open it Reika you shouldn’t be in there by yourself ,” I tell her worried about the man because he was unrestrained and could attack her.

“Reika, open the door now,” I tell her.

“46 what pleasant surprise,” The man says and she turns to face him. I try to open the door but it doesn’t budge.

“You healed him?” I ask my father when I see him get up off the floor no injuries present.

“Yes just before you got here, you should have given me warning” my father says as I look in, panicked as he approaches her. She was observing him, not moving but I could feel her anger and I watched her fingers twitch.

Tyson tries getting her to unlock the door but she ignores us tapping on the glass. The man smiles cruelly, the sick b*****d. He lunges at her and she sidesteps, stabbing him with something in the neck. He clutches his neck before pulling his hand away looking at it but there was no blood visible.

“What was that 46,” he says, and I see her drop a needle. I didn’t even see her take it but he stumbles, his legs giving out and she walks over to him.

“I wonder what your number will be?” She says before kicking him on the face. Blood sprays all over the glass from the blow, his head snapping backwards.

“S**t she gave him the mutation gene,” Tyson says.


“She asked me what it was. I didn’t think she would take it”

“What mutation?” I ask knowing there were hundreds up there. He shrugs.

“Which did she ask about?”

“A hybrid One” he answers.

“Will that work on him, he is human?” I ask my father, panicking, needing to get her out.

“It worked on Kade, he won’t have a wolf but will partly shift” my father says yanking on the door.

Reika picks him up, dragging him to the table in the center of the room, she picks him up, dropping him on it like he weighed nothing. He was gasping from whatever she gave him but she ignored him. Instead, strapping him to the table.

“Boys upstairs now” my father tells them as he watches her through the glass. She walks over to the back table we had been using full of different tools.

She picks up a saw looking at it before turning around. I feel bile rise in my throat when she walks over to him pulling up his pants leg, the man jerks his leg away but she grips it tying another restraint just above his knee to stop him from getting his foot loose. She pulls his shoes off his foot.

“46, you better hope I don’t get free, girl.”

“By the time you do, there will be nothing left,” She spits at him.

He laughs at her shaking his head. “Silly girl, I can already feel it spreading through my system, I will k**l you once it does.”

“Just because you have the gene doesn’t mean you know how to use it, I wonder if I can make you shift,” she says looking down at him before placing the Saw on his chest for him to see.

“I wonder how loud you will scream, as I cut you into pieces.”

“You haven’t got the b***s girl I know you, you are nothing but a scared little girl petrified of her own shadow, hiding behind your wolf,” he taunts her and I watch her eyes flicker.

“I’m not a little girl no more,” She whispers and picks up the saw. Walking toward his foot, she places it just above his ankle.

“Boys now!” my father screams at them and they take off, doing what he said. I watch as they leave racing up the steps and Jacob walks down nearly getting knocked over by them..

“I think we may have underestimated what she is capable of,” my father says, watching her through the glass.

Alpha King’s Mate by Jessica Hall

Alpha King’s Mate by Jessica Hall

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Can't believe the Moon goddess my own great great great grandmother would curse her own grandson to a life of misery. Blessings are what they say mates are, mine are a curse. Before I knew how badly mates could destroy you, tear apart your soul, I craved mine.

Craved finding my other half, now I know better. Mate’s are a distraction one I couldn’t afford, yet here I am still searching for my little white wolf knowing I will be damned when I finally catch her, that I will once again have to tear off another piece of my soul when I am forced to kill this one too.


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