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Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 64

Read Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall Chapter 64

  Lily POV

  One week later

  Waving goodbye to Aria and the kids, I walked inside. Natalia was just finishing up for the day and I was glad to actually have the house to myself. The entire week blew by quickly as we buried the d**d and fixed up the damage. We came to learn that the pack wolves were only strengthened by my change; they didn’t share the same bloodlust as I did, but received glowing red eyes, speed, and strength from our Hybrid mutation in their shifted form.

  At first, I thought my bloodlust was only in wolf form, but I have noticed the hunger Aria always fought so hard to control. Aria stayed for a full week to help me adjust, and I have found with Layla’s help and Aria’s that I can control it. The only major change was no longer shifting on four paws but two legs. I can’t say I hated the change, but it was definitely taking some adjusting too. Damien said once training is up and running again, he will help me train, so I was excited to spend extra time with my mate.

  Walking into the kitchen, I make myself a coffee. Tired from the past week and stepping into my Luna duties. The pack has adjusted, and we didn’t lose many of our people, but Aria and Reid lost a quarter of their pack and my father’s old pack. We lost our Beta and Damien promoted Max who I thought was very deserving of the title to Beta, Trey and Tatum were both placed third in command and had adjusted quite well to their new positions. Despite our war with rogues and Kade, Damien’s views on rogues changed, and we changed the law about k*****g on sight.

  Callie took the Title of Beta female and Tabitha accepted my offer as Gamma. The war had really brought everyone closer and new friendship blossomed and our future looked bright and for once I was excited about it.

  Sipping my coffee, I didn’t hear Damien come in, only realising when I felt his hands move across my waist, the familiar sparks of the mate bond in full effect as one of his hands moved to my b****t while the other snuck its way into the waistband of my skirt.

  “How was your day?” Damien’s voice next to my ear as he kissed my neck before s*****g on my mark, making my answer sound more like a m**n. “Good, yours?”

  “Better now” He growled before his hand moved from my b****t to push my skirt up before sliding my underwear to the side.

  “Someone could walk in,” I m**n as his fingers tease me.

  Instead of answering, he spins me around before placing me on the bench before tugging my panties down and stepping between my legs. His lips devouring the skin on my neck as he n****d and s****d on it. Using my hands, I tug on his belt undoing it, before pushing his pants down slightly. Damien moves me closer to the edge, before sinking himself into my wet heat. I m**n loudly at the full feeling before he moves, thrusting in and out at a fast speed, making me knock some cups into the sink as I brace my hands on the counter to hold myself in place.

  My o****m builds as he pounds into me, my stomach tightening as arousal floods me and I teeter on the edge, his movements becoming erratic and I know he is close, leaning forward I sink my fangs into his neck. He g****s loudly as I lap at his neck before pulling back. His lips going to mine as he devours my lips and I feel my walls tighten around him as my o****m washes over me, and I feel Damien thrust once more before stilling as my walls clench around his hard length and I feel his hot seed spill into me, and we are both left panting. He kisses my lips softly before we hear someone clear their throat, making both of us freeze and look toward the kitchen door.

  “Really, the kitchen bench I cook there” Natalia says chuckling to herself and I feel my face turn beet red. Both Damien and I froze in place.

  “Next time lock the door; I left my handbag,” Natalia says, walking over to the oven where her handbag was sitting. Damien chuckles at my embarrassment.

  “Well carry on, be nice to hear the laughter of kids in this huge place. I will see you tomorrow preferably without the show at my cooking station” Natalia says walking out.

  Damien laughs before stepping away, pulling his pants up and pulling my skirt down.

  “You didn’t lock the door?”

  “I forgot” He chuckles before helping me down and hugging me.

  Six months later

  Tabitha, Callie, and I were driving to the pack clinic. I had been feeling sick for the last week and a half. Tabitha refusing to take no for an answer booked the appointment before she and Callie forced me into the car. The trip took about twenty minutes before pulling up. Walking inside, Tabitha went to tell them I had arrived while I bounced little Tilly on my lap. She looked so much like Tabitha, her blonde curly hair sitting messily on her head as she cackled her head off at me bouncing her.

  Tabitha sits beside me before pulling her phone out. Callie read a magazine before scrunching her face up at the picture, making me look at what she was reading. It was a picture of a woman giving birth. Callie’s face looked horrified at the picture of a baby’s head crowning. I chuckled at her before turning my attention back to Tilly.

  When Damien suddenly walked in.

  “What are you doing here?” I ask. Looking up at him.

  “Tabitha messaged and said you were here, what’s wrong?” He asked.

  “Nothing just feel crook, probably a bug” I tell him before turning my gaze to Tabitha incredulously that she called him from work. She shrugged, and I could see a devious smile light up her face. I was about to ask her what she was smiling about when my name was called by a nurse. She handed me a cup and asked me to pee in it.

  Damien took Tilly from me holding her before kissing her little head. Damien wanted kids more than anything, and I was a little saddened it hadn’t happened for us yet. He would make a great father one day and since Tilly has been born, we always offer to babysit, and Tabitha and her family have become family to us. Tabitha was expecting her second child in a couple of days, so we have been taking Tilly a lot to let her rest.

  Quickly doing what she asked, she then walks me into the same room I brought Tabitha to for her ultrasound. Confused, I look to the nurse as Damien walks in before sitting down next to the bed. Callie and Tabitha walking in as well.

  I look at the nurse confused, “Really Lily, you still haven’t figured it out” Tabitha says shaking her head.

  “Figured what out?” I ask as the nurse motions for me to lay down.

  “Come on woman, the mood swings, the morning sickness, your sudden appetite to eat Damien every time he walks in the room and you have gained weight” She chuckles, and I see Damien sit up straighter before something clicks and a bright smile graces his face as he eyes my stomach. Here I thought I just needed to lay off the cakes Natalia keeps making.

  “Your pregnant Luna” Nurse Rebecca tells me. I feel Layla stir. She had been quiet lately like she had been sleeping a lot, I thought she was only tired from our extra duties of being Luna, refusing to let me shift and sticking to herself and only coming forward in our human form.

  “You knew?” I question her.

  “I didn’t want to get our hopes up,” She says, yawning. Which I could understand, being on birth control for so long really messed my cycles up and I thought it would never happen so I gave up.

  Rebecca pushes on my shoulder, getting me to lay down before lifting my shirt. She places the cool jelly on my belly before moving a device over it. She turns the screen so Damien and I can see. I gasp when I notice the little heartbeat on the screen.

  ”Yes, I knew it. We are going to be parent’s” Damien said excitedly, a huge grin plastered on his face as he leaned over kissing me.

  “So here is baby A, this one here is Baby B” My eyes snap to the nurse and so does Damien’s as he stands staring at the screen intently. “Twins” He gasps.

  “No, alpha Baby C is over here, you’re having triplets and you are about five weeks along” She says, and I am gobsmacked three, three babies swimming around in my womb. Damien scratches his head shocked and I hear Callie laugh at our shock, Tabitha burst out laughing at my horrified face. Layla purring excitedly in my head.

  Before Damien jumps excitedly, “You’re not worried that there are three?” I ask, shocked that he was so excited while I was horrified at the thought of becoming the size of a house.

  “Nope, I have super sperm” He says victoriously. Like he just won some award for getting off and impregnating me with not one but three babies. I didn’t know if I wanted to cheer or cry at the information.

  “Want to know the s*x?” Rebecca asks, looking to us.

  “You can tell this early?”

  “Werewolf pregnancies progress in half the time of human pregnancies Luna and you’re a hybrid which makes it even quicker, you know this” Rebecca answers.

  “I want to know,” Damien says gazing at the screen. She zooms in and you could just make out their little arms and legs, they kind of reminded me of jellybeans with stumpy little arms and legs after a few minutes she answers.

  “Baby A is a boy; Baby B is a boy and Baby C is a girl” Rebecca says beaming at us.

  I could feel Damien’s excitement hitting me through the bond as he jumped up and down like an oversized man child excitedly.

  “We are having pups” He announced so loud I was sure the entire town heard.

Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall

Alpha’s Unhinged Mate by Jessica Hall

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You know how parent's always talk about the wild child, the bad influence. The person no one wants their kids hanging out with. Well growing up that was me. They called me unhinged, they weren't wrong. My life altered by a monster.

My wolf altered permanently, uncontrollable, reckless. Not only destroying my wolf but also me. My father was is the Alpha of The Black Moon Pack and I am the only heir to take over. I never wanted to be Alpha, but not because I am weak, not because I'm not Alpha Material.

No none of those things, but because I wasn't normal. When I was 6 years old my pack was attacked by hunters. They tested mutated genes on me, What Kade and the hunters had done, not only Altered my wolf but destroyed any chance of me being able to control my wolf.

She is crazed, untamed and has no control once she takes over. My family tried for years to help me control her. But she was unhinged and now a danger to everyone. The older I got, the stronger she got. I feared my wolf and what she was capable of. Which made people fear me.

We still don't know the effects the mutated gene will have on me, one thing we know is. When I turned of age, I didn't find a mate. I don't think I have one. How could I when my wolf had all bonds to the human part severed.

So how is it possible to bond with another when she can't even bond with her human counterpart. I am glad though, I couldn't destroy someone like that, noone wants a broken mate. No one wants the unhinged Alpha.


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