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Harvey York’s Rise to Power Chapter 6

Read Harvey York’s Rise to Power [by A Potato-Loving Wolf] Chapter 6 – “Don?”

Harvey was stunned for a moment. He then smiled, ‘This guy is just a dog raised by the York Enterprise. It was only a matter of time before he got kicked out.’

“Mother, I won’t get a divorce. Even if we are getting a divorce, this is none of your business. I hope you don’t interfere in our affair.” Harvey laughed and said this sentence before riding on his beloved electric bike and left.

“Harvey, you’re nothing!” Lilian shuddered with anger. She had almost driven over Harvey with her car. However, she could only suppress her anger and quickly left after seeing a crowd surrounding them.

Mandy walked to the front desk of the company during after-hours.

She then saw two girls laughing while saying something and many employees were watching.

“Miss Zimmer’s husband is a loser. He said that he would give her roses from Prague. How dare he say that? Didn’t he look at himself in the mirror? Not to mention that he rode an electric bike, even his slippers were broken. A guy like him should go and beg for food instead…”

“Yes, I don’t know why Miss Zimmer would find such a loser!”

“If he’s not a loser, he would not be a live-in son-in-law!”

“If it were me, I would have divorced him long ago…”

“There are so many people who are wooing Miss Zimmer out there…”

Mandy was speechless.

“You…” Mandy bit her red lips and her face was ruddy as if she had gotten a fever when she heard these comments. She was so embarrassed.

“Miss Zimmer…” The two girls at the front desk looked terrified when they noticed Mandy.

“Miss Zimmer, we are just talking nonsense. Please don’t get angry…”

“Shut up!” Mandy yelled as her body slightly trembled.

Her eyes were red and she was about to cry. Why would she have such a useless husband?

Others’ husbands were either business elites or from wealthy families. However, her husband was a good-for-nothing live-in son-in-law. Not only could he not protect her, he always made her a disgrace in front of other people.

At this moment, the phone at the front desk rang. The terrified girl answered the phone and said softly, “Miss Zimmer, the security said that a logistics company has sent you a truckload of goods. Should we let them in?”

“For me?” Mandy was taken aback for a moment. She did not buy anything, but she nodded anyway.

Soon, she saw a handsome and elite-like man wearing a suit walking in.

He said respectfully, “Are you, Miss Zimmer? This is the global express delivery service undertaken by our company. This is delivered from Prague. Please sign for it.”

“Prague?!” Mandy finished signing with a surprised look. As the handsome guy waved his hand, a few porters cautiously carried an exquisite high-end wooden box and placed it in the lobby.

The top of the box was studded with shiny crystals that were dazzling under the light.

All the employees’ eyes were wide open.

“Wow! Is this from Prague?”

“And this box is so exquisite, what’s in it?”

“Miss Zimmer, can you please open it and let us have a look?”

There were mostly female employees in advertising companies. At this moment, all the employees were anticipating it with starry eyes.

Although Mandy was puzzled, she motioned the guy to open the wooden box after seeing everyone being so excited.

Nonetheless, in the next second, everyone was dumbfounded and went silent for several minutes.

“These…these are the roses from Prague…”

“Are you sure? Didn’t the news mention that there was a decrease in Prague’s rose production this year? How many is this?”

The handsome guy saw the girls were so thrilled. He then smiled and pointed at the bouquet of roses. He said, “Miss Zimmer, please allow me to introduce you…”

“These are the roses from Prague. You should all know that these are the best batch of roses this year.”

“But, this is not the most valuable item, look here…”

The handsome guy pointed at the center of the large bouquet of roses, where there was a small rose which was of the size of a brooch.

However, if you looked closely, you would find that it was not a rose, instead, it was beset with diamonds and gems of various colors.

“The Heart of Prague!” Mandy was shocked. She felt as if she was dreaming.

The Heart of Prague was designed and carved by several of the most famous art masters in Prague history. This was the only one in the world. It was very unique. Moreover, it was the symbol of Prague. Although it was very valuable, it was never for sale. She never thought that someone would send it to her today.

“Wow! Who sent this to you?”

“Miss Zimmer, this must be given by your admirer!”

“It’s such a largesse, could it be sent by Mr. Xander?”

“Didn’t Miss Zimmer’s good-for-nothing husband also say that he wanted to give her the roses from Prague?”

“Pfft, you are cracking me up. How could he afford those roses? Even if he sells himself, he still couldn’t afford to buy them!”

Mandy was completely stunned. Who would give her those roses and the Heart of Prague?

Mandy did not think about Harvey at all, because she knew about his financial situation the best. She usually gave him pocket money. He could not even afford to buy ordinary roses, let alone the roses from Prague. He probably would not be able to buy them.

Could it be…Was it sent by Don?

Mandy’s heart was filled with strange emotions when she thought of this—a little moved yet a little shy.

In Niumhi, at Platinum Hotel.

This hotel was also considered a well-known venue for entertainment purposes in Niumhi and the costs were not low. It was believed that the people who came here were famous and had a lot of influence. Hence, there were many luxury cars parked at the gate in front of the hotel.

This time, Harvey’s college reunion party was organized at this place.

Harvey hummed a little tune and parked his electric bike in the parking space at the gate. Although he was rich now, he was a nostalgic person. This electric bike had been with him through ups and downs for three years. He could not abandon it.

Suddenly, there was a deafening horn from behind before he parked his electric bike well.

“Are you stupid?! Are you a delivery man or a valet? Don’t you know the rules? How dare you occupy a parking space with that broken electric bike? Are you out of your mind?!”

An Audi A4 stopped behind Harvey. A man stuck his head out, pointed at him, and yelled.

Harvey subconsciously turned his head. Both of them were stunned for a moment.

“Class monitor?” Harvey reacted. This person was his classmate from college who had been the class monitor for several years.

Harvey York’s Rise to Power by A Potato-Loving Wolf

Harvey York’s Rise to Power by A Potato-Loving Wolf

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Taken in as a son-in-law, he led a miserable life. The moment he gained power, both his mother-in-law and sister-in-law kneeled down in front of him.

His mother-in-law begged him, “Please don’t leave my daughter.”

His sister-in-law said, “Brother-in-law, I was wrong…”


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