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His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 236

Book 2. His Found Lycan Luna. Chapter 111

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Kyson POV

I couldn’t move as the power of her command rolled over everyone forcing us to our knees as she stood off, glaring daggers at Crux. Her eyes, emblazoned with her anger, glowed like beacons in the night.

“But I am not a Landeena or Azure. I am Valkyrie! And you shall not take my Kingdom!”

Azalea roared when I felt her anger erupt like lava spewing from a mountainous volcano. The hunter’s fear b****d the air with a thick stench. I wanted to gag at the scent as their guns started going off as they unleashed, their bullets whizzing through the sky yet stopping on a shield she created around us, bouncing off its walls as she lifted her hands.

The ground split, creating a crater dividing us from them as vines shot from the ground, wrapping around the hunters like tentacles and ripping them into the earth as the violence from her rage fueled her guards’ angry roars. Fire lit up the sky as her anger scorched the air around us and b****d everything it touched, turning the grass black as it seared the earth, yet locked under the safety of her aura’s shield. It did not touch us.

Crux’s eyes widen as the sky darkens, and he realizes he didn’t beat her. He awoke her. A kingdom shall fall but in its place, the Empress of Lycania rises.

Her power turned the place dark as night, the clouds rolled across the sky angrily; furious as the skies screamed down just as h**l reigns down on earth when her powers awakened coming forth. Lightning streaked the sky and hit the ground, burning caverns into the earth as the volts plunged into our castle, obliterating everything in its path.

Rocks and mortar exploded from my castle as it crumbled and broke, sending the debris hurtling toward us. Yet they couldn’t break past the barrier which she created. I gasped at the power, feeling it writhing through the bond and healing every inch of me. As she raised her arms, her shield shuddered as the wind whipped and howled around us when her scream of anguish from everyone she had lost, the ghosts of everything that tainted and haunted her, exploded in a war cry of command.

I now understood what the history books spoke of: the Landeena and Azure power. They were indeed gods as I watched the air ripple with screams as her soul erupted from her like a shock wave, and it flattened everything in its path as it burst free of her.

The forest was flattened to the earth, our home, our Kingdom was reduced to rubble as if a hurricane of her anger wiped everything out. Only leaving us as the bodies of our enemies as they exploded with her anger and blood rained from the skies, their blood staining us and bleeding back into the earth.

Just as fast as it erupted, it stopped, the silence so deafening I wasn’t sure we survived it as her shield dropped, and I was able to move to her. Her sadness split her heart down the middle and tore her apart as I grabbed her. I clutch her tightly, hanging on to my lifeline, which is her.


Azalea POV

Gannon’s wailing as Liam tried to revive her brought me to my knees. And my head dropped into my hands, covering my face as I sobbed, falling on my knees beside them, just as Kyson’s arms caught me. How could the moon goddess be so cruel?

Giving me the power of the first Lycans but robbing me of my sister with no way to correct it. Abbie deserved the kindness, loyalty, and love Gannon offered. After everything thing she had endured and survived, it felt like the cruelest slap in the face; a betrayal to take someone so pure.

Dustin tries to rip Liam off her, but Liam shoves him back. “Come on, Abbie,” Liam growls furiously. Dustin and Trey grab him, hauling him off just as Gannon holds her again. Clutching her tighter. “She’s gone, she’s gone. There is nothing you can do,” Dustin tells Liam, but he shakes his head, reaching for her.

“No, I have been feeding her my blood,” Liam snarls, tossing him off, and my head lifts at his words. No sooner did the words leave his lips did we hear her gasp. I blink, unable to believe my eyes while Gannon rocked back and forth, wailing loudly at his lost love, her eyes open dazedly. Yet, they were obsidian as her hand rose and clutched Gannon’s arms, making him jump as she s****d in a breath and her eyes returned to their emerald color, life returning to her deathly pale skin.

“Abbie?” I whispered, choking on my sob as her hand moved to Gannon’s hair. “Abbie!” I screamed, and Gannon jumped at the feel of her hand in his hair as he lifted his head. Liam sagged against Dustin, collapsing between his legs as he breathed heavily.

“I told you, brother, I wouldn’t let you lose her again,” Liam breathes heavily, catching his breath. My chest warms as sparks of the bond flood me along with relief, and I lean against my King as Clarice lets go of Tyson, who crashed against his mother and father, crying and clutching them. Gannon crushed them both as he held onto them.

We had survived, yet our home didn’t as I looked around at what I had done, the destruction I caused, and the carnage left behind, but we were alive, we were not d**d, and that is what mattered. The rest we could figure out.

“More than my life,” I breathed out in relief.

“More than my life,” everyone breathed out in a chorus, repeating my words.

“More than my life,” Kyson whispered next to my ear.

His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall

His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall

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Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall for Free at and Full Chapters of His Lost Lycan Luna. After the death of her parents at the hands of her Alpha, Ivy was taken in by a pack that didn't want her. Her fate was left undecided until her 18th birthday. Ivy expected the worst, thinking that she would be killed. Little did she know that death was the easy way out when her sentence was handed down and Fate intervened. King Kyson, the last remaining Royal was visiting the sleepy Pack town on that fateful day. He takes an interest in the girl, and he orders her Alpha to hand her over. His obsession takes over and turns into something else when he makes her his consort. He worries his feelings may be more than either of them bargained for when secrets become revealed, ones that could tear them part. Love or vengeance sometimes the lines that are drawn become a little blurred, and temptation is too much. But will the King forget the pain of his past, and can ivy forgive the pain he caused her?


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