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His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 238

Book 2. His Found Lycan Luna. Chapter 113

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 238

Azalea POV

One Month Later

We salvaged whatever we could. The thought of rebuilding led to the inevitable truth, a place that had become but a distant memory would now be our home, where we would rebuild our lives and our Kingdom. Days we spent sifting through what was left of the castle. I felt a little guilty that I had destroyed the place but as Kyson told me, home is with our people not in a physical place.

However, sifting through the wreckage that we once called home, we managed to save a few precious things. Though how they survived was beyond me.

A few of Kyson’s treasured books and Clarice’s favorite egg flip survived too. Oh and let’s not forget that dreaded apron Liam loved, the one that smelt as bad as it looked.

And of all the things to survive, I kinda hoped that wasn’t one of them. But sure enough, it did, and his face lit up like a kid on Christmas when he showed me. I had a funny feeling his idea of a fabulous Christmas present involved blood and gore. And maybe more aprons.

Along with the knick knacks was my father’s sword, the other was a jewelry box my mother gave me when I was a baby. However, with finding that precious jewelry box we learned it wasn’t just a jewelry box, and the silver ballerina that twirled on top was in fact a key that unlocked a false bottom, hiding the real gift. Inside, what I perceived as just an oversized pendant, was in fact the Azure Talisman which resembled an oversized Moon stone. Only when held up to light could you see the Azure crest of vines within its crystalline depths.

I learned from Cedric that it was a broken piece of the sword and was used to create Lycan Bloodlines. The stone represented my mothers’ gifts and the sword my father’s. Brought together they represented a sort of yin and yang, a constant balance, and created infinite power, yet in separate hands they kept peace. One never over taking the other, truth in the face of deceit and manipulation, love in the place of hate and war.

Cedric told me my father searched for the Talisman but it was rumored as myth and legend. Yet my father believed that it was with my mother and he was right. And all along it sat in a jewelry box right beneath his nose.

It showed how far my father’s greed went, that he would give her an ultimatum. That she would either hand it over or he would force her to marry him, believing he could gain the advantage of her power through my birth. It also showed how much she was willing to sacrifice to ensure it did not fall into his hands she instead sacrificed herself just to keep the peace. But the most precious thing salvaged of all, was our lives and the lives of those we thought lost to us forever.

Damian managed to find Tandi’s daughter, she was with Alpha Brock’s mother the entire time, nothing beat the look on her face when Damian came through for her. He was determined to either bring their daughter home or get vengeance for her, though he kind of took care of both. Alpha Brock didn’t want to hand her back or give up her whereabouts, it was Alpha Dean who did and Alpha Brock barely escaped with his life, though I had no doubt he wanted to k**l him. Paige was safe and well and returned to her mother. Tandi had her family now with Damian. Abbie had Gannon and Tyson and for once we could all breathe, and we were happy.

Now we would finally find peace when we have known none. So as I looked up at the huge iron gates of what was once the Landeena Kingdom, I knew we were finally home. A fresh start. But the first thing to go would be the Landeena crest, it would be replaced with the Valkyrie one. Home for so long was some made up sentiment, embedded in us for so long that we forgot the meaning of it, growing for Abbie in me it meant d***h, we truly believed that would be the only home we would know freedom and peace.

But I learned, home was never a place or a thing but within all of us. Home was with those we loved. So I knew we would eventually find happiness here, in this place that laid desolate for so long, forgotten and haunted by the ghosts of a past I never knew was mine.

Yet a future I was indeed excited to live in. One beside my King.

Arms wrap around my waist as his hands slide up and over my stomach, a growing bump that holds our future. “What’s wrong?” Kyson asks as his hands gently trace over my growing belly.

“Nothing. I just can’t believe we are here, of all places,” I tell him as I watch the Landeena guards race around and secure the perimeter, almost as if it were muscle memory and they had never left.

“And where is that my Queen?”

“Home, with you, us” I whisper, glancing over my shoulder at him. He brushes his nose against mine.

“Home is wherever you are,” he murmurs, brushing his lips gently against mine briefly before the cars start pulling into the circular pebble driveway. This place reminded me of Marrissa. I had hardly any memories of this place, but for some reason it felt like she walked through those gates beside me. As if I could feel her, hear her in whispers traveling in the wind.

So many sacrificed for the Landeena name, for the Azure name. For so long my mother, the only woman I remember as my mother, was villainized for her betrayal yet she was betrayed by everyone, including her mate. She raised me, loved me and paid the ultimate sacrifice of her life to ensure one day I could come back here and take the throne again.

To some she would always be remembered as the villain but to me, she would always be my mother. Always be the reason I was standing here and righting the wrongs of my father, righting the wrongs that were bestowed on our people. The Landeena’s are d**d. The Azure’s d**d too.

I may share their blood but I am no longer share their name, I not them. I would do better and restore the Royal names, yet I would never take theirs again.

Those names instilled fear, ruined honor and forged a path of destruction. Praised for the wrong reasons, loyalty given to them blindly not earned. Those two names were blessed and cursed and were no longer part of the future I now chose or wanted.

Staring up at the place we shall now call home Abbie moves toward me, bumping her shoulder against mine. I smile looking over at her, Tyson on her hip.

“Ready?” she asks and I nod and Kyson unravels his arms from around my waist and takes my hand, leading me toward the huge stone staircase. Everyone bustled around to get the place ready, as what was left of our people moved in. Reaching the top Cedric is waiting by the door with Trey, the blessed sword that belonged to my father in his hand. I couldn’t imagine what it must be like for them being back here, yet they looked almost relieved. Like this place never stopped being home for them.

Cedric bows his head and Trey offers me his hand. I place mine in his only for him to turn me around to face the courtyard, to see the hundreds of faces of what’s left of mine and Kyson’s people, what’s left of the fallen Kingdoms staring back at us.

“We pledge our allegiance to Kyson Keller Valkyrie, Emperor of Lycania and the Emperor of Valkyrie and Azalea Ivy-Rose Valkyrie, Empress of Lycania, and the Empress of Valkyrie, the true heir and Empress of the Kingdoms. I bleed for Valkyrie, I fight for Valkyrie, I d*e for Valkyrie. We are Valkyrie and our Empress and Emperor have risen. And so has the Valkyrie Guard. We pledge to serve and protect.” They bow their heads and fall to one knee in unison.

“A the Kingdom shall rise, we shall rise with it. And if this Kingdom falls, we too shall fall,” they finish.

In awe of their display and how quickly they would accept this new place as home. I turned to Cedric and retrieved my sword, my finger’s wrapping around the hilt, the talisman was cool beneath my palm and I pledged to my people, feeling it warm in my grip.

“I pledge allegiance to Lycania and to my people. I’ll bleed for them, I’ll fight for them, I’ll d*e for them. I am now and forever more, Azalea Ivy-Rose Valkyrie, Empress of the Lycania and this is now our Kingdom.

And my people are more than my life.” I tell them before gripping the blade and swiping my hand from the hilt to tip.

Yet as my blood washes over the steel it transforms.

Gone are the crests and symbols of Landeena. In its place, etched in blue and red carved into the replenished steel lay the makings of a new one. A mixture of all the Kingdoms that rose and fell, the Kingdoms of Lycania. The steel glows and heats, branding and forging and I could feel the power that lay within its steel, feel the rightfulness of it in my hand when hands moved down my arms from behind and the familiar sparks I loved rushed over me.

Cedric takes my sword and Kyson lifts my bleeding hand to his lips from behind me, the warmth of his chest seeping into me as he traces the slice with his tongue, healing the wounds left. And the scar it leaves matches the new crest now emblazoned in the steel.

“More than my life. Always more,” Kyson whispers.

The End.


His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall

His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall

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Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall for Free at and Full Chapters of His Lost Lycan Luna. After the death of her parents at the hands of her Alpha, Ivy was taken in by a pack that didn't want her. Her fate was left undecided until her 18th birthday. Ivy expected the worst, thinking that she would be killed. Little did she know that death was the easy way out when her sentence was handed down and Fate intervened. King Kyson, the last remaining Royal was visiting the sleepy Pack town on that fateful day. He takes an interest in the girl, and he orders her Alpha to hand her over. His obsession takes over and turns into something else when he makes her his consort. He worries his feelings may be more than either of them bargained for when secrets become revealed, ones that could tear them part. Love or vengeance sometimes the lines that are drawn become a little blurred, and temptation is too much. But will the King forget the pain of his past, and can ivy forgive the pain he caused her?


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