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Omega’s Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 11

Read Omega’s Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 11

Leon POV

Thane tore into Leo, Harlow I could see her caught, frozen like a deer in headlights, her entire back, and her legs bleeding from being dragged. Thane tore into Leo, trying to keep him pushed back and away from her, every time Leo was tossed and slammed near her, his wolf was there taking the brunt while he screamed through the link for me to get up and move her.

If she didn’t move soon, it would cost Thane by distracting him, his positioning making it hard for him to k**l Leo and not trample Harlow, and Leo recognizing that, he uses it to his advantage, knowing it is the only advantage he has when it comes to Thane.

Staggering, I force myself to move. My breath wheezes as I feel my lung trying to heal from collapsing when Harlow screams when Thane is tossed, and he only just catches himself from landing on her and crushing her. She is now caught between his legs; she crawls out, finally moving and coming out of her shock when Thane chomps down on his neck.

Leo wails a howl, the sound pained before reflexively he twists trying to bite anywhere he can when Thane pounces on him, breaking his hind leg in one bite.

“Harlow!” I screamed, trying to get her attention, she looked lost, as if the gravity of the situation had suddenly hit her, and now he was here, she knew she was safe to fall apart.

Harlow lifts her head to look at me. “Leon.” she gasps, finally finding her feet and rushing toward me. At the same time, her voice causes Thane to become distracted as he searches for her. I grab her, hauling her away from the fight when Thane is hit from the side, that second of worry costing him.

Thane gets back to his feet just as Leo pounces. However, before Leo hits his mark, he is grabbed by Rhen’s big molten wolf that comes out of nowhere and Leo’s attack was diverted. Raidon’s wolf right behind Rhen. Raidon’s wolf was huge, as big as Thane’s and reminds me of a grizzly bear.

He grabs Leo’s neck, shaking viciously, while Rhen and Thane get to their feet. He tosses him and Leo skids across the ground about ten meters away from us, the second Leo comes to a stop, Thane pounces on him while Raidon moves toward us.

Leo’s whimpered shriek was loud making Harlow jump, she turns her head looking in their direction and so do I. Leo was forced to shift back, and now Thane’s huge black wolf towered over him about to deliver the final blow when she screams.

Raidon l***s her fingers, nudging her with his nose as Rhen watches, making sure Thane doesn’t need him, though we all knew Thane has it handled.

“You can’t k**l him,” Harlow rasps out as loud as she can, Thane tenses, freezing and so do I. Her conscious surely can’t be getting the better of her now. Thane ignores her when she tries to get out of my grip. “Thane, he has information we need,” she says before looking up at me.

Thane growls, shifting back, he glances over his shoulder at us before staring down at the torn apart man who was slowly healing.

“We need him!” she repeats. Thane growls, his fist clenching. “F**k!” he curses, shakes his head when Harlow shakes out of my grip, having spotted Rhen. She rushes at him, his wolf dropping his head to catch her on his shoulder as she locks her arms around him.

My eyes move back to Thane just in time to see his foot come down on Leo’s head, knocking him out. Raidon was there to grab him within seconds and hauls him over his shoulder.

Rhen knocks Harlow over, forcing her on her back as he frantically l***s her face before pushing his nose into her stomach. “Baby is fine, I can hear her heartbeat,” I tell him, walking over to them. Rhen huffs and I grab handfuls of his fur. Tugging him off her. When I go to grab her, however, he shifts, pushes me away and scoops her up.

“This is your fault,” he snaps at me, I nod once. Rhen wasn’t one to point blame when it came to me, so if he is, I knew this was related to me helping Talon. Thane growls, looking at me, but it’s Rhen he grabs.

We all felt his tether nearly break, knew whatever happened nearly cost his life. Thane presses forward against his Rhen. “You’re not allowed to d*e on me,” he growls before looking at me. “YOU, however, I am deciding how badly I want to k**l you,” Thane says, letting go of Rhen. I look at the ground, wondering what Talon did, and they walk off.

Looking up, Raidon I see ahead is stopped by the doors leading into the house, looking in the hedges he nods to them and Thane runs ahead to see what Raidon was motioning toward. I reach his side just as he grabs a man in uniform out of his hiding place.

He is a state official, he cowers, hands up covering his face as Thane drags him out by his shirt. Thane shoves him toward the door. “You and I need to talk,” he says, and the man falls on his hands and knees inside the doorway. He starts crawling away from him.

Stepping inside, Raidon is tying Leo to a chair, the man automatically freezes when Raidon turns his icing glare toward him. He motions with his finger for him to come to him. The man whimpers but doesn’t dare disobey Raidon and sits next to Leo.

Rhen places Harlow on the couch, and starts checking her over, much to her dismay when she grabs Rhen’s head and whispers something to him. He looks at her and his rage and shock smashes all of us, making us glance at him.

“Thane, I need you to walk out of this room, and let Raidon and I handle this,” Rhen tells him.

“I’m not going anywhere while that b*****d is still breathing,” Thane growls at him. Rhen’s eyes go to Raidon. I watch as they mind link.

“Are you sure?” Raidon asks, looking at Harlow. She nods her head, her eyes darting to Thane nervously.

“You need to leave, Thane,” Raidon tells him. “I said no, not while he is alive, I won’t risk him escaping,” Thane tells him.

Thane looks at Harlow questionably, her lips quiver, and her hands shake as she reaches for Thane, he doesn’t hesitate in moving toward her, gripping her fingers. “Please leave, you can have him after,” she whispers and his brows furrow as he glances at all of us. He shakes his head.

“What? Someone tell me what’s going on, we have come too f*****g far for you to start hiding s**t from me now, what did I do?” he snaps at us.

“You did nothing, it’s what Leo did,” Harlow whispers. Thane looks at her. “I didn’t recognize him until he spoke,”

“Huh?” he asks, his tone accusing. “Recognize what?” Raidon finishes tying Leo and steps in front of him when Rhen speaks. “Leo is the one that k****d your mother,” Rhen says, the roar of fury that leaves him hurts my ears as he lunges at Leo.

Raidon diverts him, putting himself in front of Leo, just as Rhen I move to grab him. Thane stands toe to toe with Raidon, his chest heavily rising and falling, his nostrils flaring that Raidon was holding him from getting to him, my hands shake, and I could see Rhen was also struggling to hold him back, his strength in this state was immeasurable.

“You need to let Rhen and I handle this,” Raidon says, keeping his cool, and speaking calmly. “HE K****D HER.”

“We know, but we need him alive to figure out what is going on, so stand down Alpha.” Raidon says, his aura slipping out, showing Thane he won’t back down, and Thane would have to hurt him to get him to step aside. Thane clenches his teeth, and snarls before shoving Rhen and me off. He then turns, grabbing Harlow, who shrieks.

“If I am leaving, so are you, I am not leaving you near him,” he tells her. “But—” Rhen shakes his head at her, and she sighs, allowing Thane to stalk off with her. Leo is slumped over, still unconscious. “So, what did Harlow tell you?” I ask when the official g****s.

“We’ll start with him,” Rhen says, ignoring me and reaching for him, he tosses him back on the couch. “You will speak,” Raidon warns him, and the man nods his head, his entire body trembling. “Just don’t k**l me,” he pleads pathetically.

“That depends on your answers and how truthful you are,” Rhen tells him.

Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall

Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall

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After the death of her parents, Harlow and her twin sister, Zara are placed in an omega sanctuary. There is something special about Harlow and she finds herself up for auction, no longer safe in the place that was supposed to protect them. Her sister steps in, taking her place only to end up killed by the pack that she was destined for.

When they find out that Harlow wasn’t the one they received, she has to go on the run, posing as her twin, assuming no one will look for a dead girl. Harlow finds out just how wrong she was when two alpha packs join the hunt for her. Now she has to escape her bidders and the authorities in a world full of alphas.

Where being an omega is not only a blessing but a curse. There is just one issue, Harlow bends for no man, especially an alpha. When she lands a job with the alpha pack that has been hunting her, she puts herself in a dangerous position.

Can Harlow keep her true identity a secret or will she be found out and punished for running from her alpha?


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