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Omega’s Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 12

Read Omega’s Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 12


Thane was like a raging bull, as he took me to our room. He went straight to the bathroom, muttering under his breath about being forced to leave. I let him, besides I had bigger concerns, my stomach was cramping, my skin hurt, and I needed to shower desperately.

Thane turns the shower on, and sits me on the edge of the bath, he tugs the shirt off I am wearing, his eyes trailing over my n***d body. Leaning down, he presses his hand to my belly. Our daughter writhing inside me as if she was doing yoga.

He lets out a breath, before crouching between my legs, he kisses my belly, my skin tightens and my belly tenses, as it cramps.

He jerks back, looking at it, as I grit my teeth. “You look uncomfortable,”

“Duh, I feel like I have been skinned,” I exhale, my back was stinging so badly. Thane nods and turns toward the shower and places his hand under the water. “It’s gonna sting, but we need to get the gravel out,” he tells me, pulling me to my feet just as Leon walks in. Thane growls and Leon stops by the door.

“Get out Leon. Right now I don’t want you near me,” Thane says, Leon goes to protest and Thane snarls and steps toward him, but I get between them. Thane glares at him and I place my hands on his chest. “It’s not his fault,” I tell him, confused at everyone being mad at Leon. Thane’s eyes flick down to me.

“He put you at risk, all of us at risk!” Thane snaps and I look at Leon, his eyes are glassy as if he is about to start crying. “I didn’t think—”

“You’re right, you should have come to us!” Thane yells at him and Leon flinches. “I warned you time and time again about Talon, not to back him, and you did worse, you put everything on the line when you said you were the collateral!”

“I just paid the debt, I didn’t know he would gamble it!”

Thane shakes his head. “He didn’t gamble it, he set her free,”

“What? No, I gave him money. What are you talking about?” Leon argues.

“Money for a f*****g underage Omega! Raidon already told me what happened, he informed me on the way here. Your actions nearly cost us Rhen, you going down as collateral for him nearly cost us our f*****g our child!” Thane screams at him.

“Wait, what are you talking about?” I ask now confused. Thane pulls me closer, steering me toward the shower.

“Leon put his assets down, meaning him down, if Talon didn’t come up with the money,”

“Yeah I put my life on the line Thane, no one else’s,”

“And even that was too much!” Thane snaps at him.

“You just don’t f*****g listen, I told you, next time come to me. I am changing her title back, this is exactly why we leave nothing in your name. Every d**n time he rings, you go running to help,”

“He’s family,” Leon sighs.

“No, we are your family. No more, I am done with this s**t, done with you bailing him out.”

“What if I didn’t get back in time? What would your excuse be then, Leon. He came for her because she is Omega, an asset in your f*****g name! We could have lost her!”

“That makes no sense, they wouldn’t even know her title was in my name,” Thane shakes his head.

“Omegas are public information, that information can be looked up in the council, or Tal gave him that information.” Thane says, pinching his brow.

“No, Tal wouldn’t- he wouldn’t betray me like that,” Thane scoffs when I remember the conversation Corbin and Leo had.

“And he didn’t, Bree did,” I tell them and they both look at me. “Rhen never mentioned Bree, said they took Talon, but Bree wasn’t with them,”

“She would give that information up for him. You know she loves Talon,” Leon says, sitting on the edge of the bath. He puts his head in his hands.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think,” Leon murmurs, and Thane growls, pushing me under the water. I hiss, my back arches as it comes in contact with the water. “I know, love,” he whispers, stepping under the water with me and holding me under it.

I tried to pull away; it was like he had set fire to my back, a*s, and legs. “Shh,” he hushes before flooding me with his calling. My body turns languid, and he is forced to hold me upright. I was d******g in the sensation his calling awoke, and Thane starts washing me while speaking with Leon. Yet my brain had melted and turned to mush, making me unable to hear anything said, his calling potent and nearly knocking me out when I felt another set of hands touch me.

Leon’s scent wafts to my nose, so I knew it was him before the shower was cut off and Thane weakened his calling, letting me slowly awaken from it, calling me back to them, I find myself suddenly in the room, with no memory of moving there. Yet as his calling changed to more like a muscle relaxant than an actual sedative. I roll on my side on the bed, my belly aching, tensing and my hips hurting.

Thane pulls me to him, tugging a shirt over my head. “What else did he say?” I hear Thane ask, when I hear Rhen’s voice. “Corbin took both officials families, however he did say half the state officials are in Corbin’s pocket. Raidon is about to wake up Leo. When he does, we will question him.”

“If he has half the state Officials in his pocket, who the f**k do we call?” Leon asks.

“He gave us a few numbers of some higher ups, but as for the City, anything that happens within it, is ultimately Thane’s decision, so we were well within our rights to defend our city, so they can’t come after us for that, and whatever happens within the city is Thane’s decision,” Rhen tells Leon. Thane sighs.

“Maggie and Samson?” Thane asks, and I knew he must be speaking of the Cleaner and yardman.

“I called the coroner, he will pick up both their bodies soon, authorities are here out the front if you want to deal with them, they are going over the car, you k****d Four, one was Corbin’s mate, and well we have Leo too. Tal also wasn’t in the car, so must have been in one of the car’s that got away,”

“And Corbin?”

“Alerts have been put out, we will find him, and Raidon and I will make some calls to get the investigations into state council started,” Rhen tells him.

“But in the meantime, I need you to stop sedating her, I need to know what she saw the day Leo k****d your mother, I need to speak to Harlow, Thane,”

“I’m staying,”

“Very well, Leon go handle the authorities downstairs, Leila is also down there, asking for you, she is convinced Thane is torturing you.” I hear Rhen tell him when I felt Thane’s calling lift completely, and he tilts my head back.

Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall

Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall

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After the death of her parents, Harlow and her twin sister, Zara are placed in an omega sanctuary. There is something special about Harlow and she finds herself up for auction, no longer safe in the place that was supposed to protect them. Her sister steps in, taking her place only to end up killed by the pack that she was destined for.

When they find out that Harlow wasn’t the one they received, she has to go on the run, posing as her twin, assuming no one will look for a dead girl. Harlow finds out just how wrong she was when two alpha packs join the hunt for her. Now she has to escape her bidders and the authorities in a world full of alphas.

Where being an omega is not only a blessing but a curse. There is just one issue, Harlow bends for no man, especially an alpha. When she lands a job with the alpha pack that has been hunting her, she puts herself in a dangerous position.

Can Harlow keep her true identity a secret or will she be found out and punished for running from her alpha?


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