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Omega’s Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 13

Read Omega’s Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 13

Harlow POV

I made Thane ring Jake to let him know to watch out for Corbin, and it was a good distraction while Rhen took me down to speak with Leo. So far, he has been uncooperative. Unwilling to give up his mate, he knew he wasn’t leaving this place alive. I shift uncomfortably on the couch, my enormous belly tightening, and it is making sitting quite painful with the pressure in my groin.

“Who told you about Harlow?” Raidon asks for the hundredth time. At this point, he was like a broken record. Leo just laughs when Raidon punches him, and I flinch. Leo growls, spitting blood on the floor. He smirks at me, with his eyes sparkling with mischief.

“You look like your mother,” he says, sitting back in his chair—my brows furrow. However, Leo tilts his head to the side. “And to think her two daughters were right under our noses all this time,” he says, baring his teeth.

“You knew my mother?” I asked him. Yet the cogs were turning in my head with everything I knew so far, and for some reason, it all linked back to Harper. “Yes, I knew her. She was the youngest of the girls promised. Like Nana,” he sneers. As Thane walks in, Leo clicks his tongue at him.

“Your mother was a f*****g hoot. Good in the sack, too. I wonder what your Omega feels like,” he taunts, trying to bait Thane. Yet, Thane doesn’t pay him any mind, instead, focusing on me. “You rang them?” He nods his head.

“It won’t help her. Corbin has plans. He won’t let this go, not after all this time,” Leo states, and my heart skips a beat at his words. Thane tugs me to him and waves his hand at Raidon, who knees him in the head. Thane’s calm demeanor is a mere facade. I feel his rage boiling. He wants to k**l him but is calm enough now to see reason.

Leo grunts at the blow, and Leon walks in with a blood bag, slurping on it like it is a juice box. “F*****g vermin like your cousin. Hybrids should have been put down years ago, f*****g bloodsucker,” Leo growls, his eyes flickering.

“You would know, weren’t you a feeder for years? Wait, no, that was your sister and mother. I’m pretty sure I tasted both, and both tasted like s**t. Must be the bad genes,” Leon tells him, and Leo snarls, j*****g in his restraints.

“Enough, Leo. Either speak, or I’ll let Thane k**l you now. I am done playing these little games with you,” Rhen tells him. Leon takes his seat beside me, and I move over, only to get up. My stomach is cramping worse from sitting, and the pressure in my groin is intense.

“You don’t look too good,” Leo comments. Thane is watching me, and the concern on his face is evident. They had been hovering over me all d**n night. I shake his hand off when he reaches for me. “I’m fine; it’s just Braxton Hicks,” I tell him.

“Harlow?” Rhen argues and I wave him off. “Rhen is right, Love. You’re due any day now. Your due date is only two days away. At least let me get mom and dad to check you over,” Raidon argues. I shake my head, clutching my belly. Shouldn’t I be in more pain if it was labor? All stories I heard were that the pain is unbearable.

“No, I am calling. Rhen watch him,” Raidon tells him, walking off.

I stand leaning on the arm of the couch before turning my head back to Leo. “My mother, you believe, is this Harper woman?” I ask him.

“I don’t believe. I know she is. It’s why Hana and why Sophia had her son bid on both of you. Jake thought he was obtaining an Omega, but he was really buying his mother’s goddaughters back,” my brows raise.

“My mother’s name wasn’t Harper, though. It was Zahra.” I tell him. Leo laughs. “The sneaky b***h used her middle name,” he shake his head.

“What’s any of this got to do with my mother, though?” Thane asks, and I could see how tense he was. His fingertips turned to claws, I didn’t like the conversation turning to Hana with him present. He was barely holding it together. So I wasn’t sure I was making a mistake when I moved toward him. I sit in his lap, and he sighs, his claws, retracting as he places his hands on my belly.

“You might as well talk, Leo. Corbin left for you for d**d,” Rhen states. “Thane will k**l me anyway. I don’t see any point in answering s**t,” Leo spits, and Rhen shakes his head.

“You have a daughter already before you joined Corbin’s pack,” Thane states and Leo snarls. “You won’t f*****g touch her,” he snarls.

“And she is Omega,” Rhen tells him. And Leo’s canines slip out. “Tell me what we need to know. I will ensure she doesn’t end up on rotation,”

“You can’t ensure that!”

“I can in my city. I have the sanctuary here.” Leo shakes his head. “No, Corbin will keep her safe. He won’t let her go to rotation.”

Now Rhen laughs, making Leo look at him. “You’re an idiot if you believe that. You’re one of his newest pack members. How old is your daughter? She would be nearly twenty now?” Rhen asks. Leo sits straighter in his chair, his eyes darting between both Thane and Rhen.

However, I was trying to calculate how old Leo was because he looked only young. I knew Alpha Packs age slower, but he looked to be in his mid-twenties himself. It also made me wonder how old Corbin is?

“Your daughter is off-limits since you’re part of his pack. I wonder if Corbin will stick to that deal once you’re d**d?” Thane says, looking at Rhen, who shrugs.

Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall

Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall

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After the death of her parents, Harlow and her twin sister, Zara are placed in an omega sanctuary. There is something special about Harlow and she finds herself up for auction, no longer safe in the place that was supposed to protect them. Her sister steps in, taking her place only to end up killed by the pack that she was destined for.

When they find out that Harlow wasn’t the one they received, she has to go on the run, posing as her twin, assuming no one will look for a dead girl. Harlow finds out just how wrong she was when two alpha packs join the hunt for her. Now she has to escape her bidders and the authorities in a world full of alphas.

Where being an omega is not only a blessing but a curse. There is just one issue, Harlow bends for no man, especially an alpha. When she lands a job with the alpha pack that has been hunting her, she puts herself in a dangerous position.

Can Harlow keep her true identity a secret or will she be found out and punished for running from her alpha?


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