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The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 469

Making Love

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Ethen pushed the her panties to the side and slid his fingers her folds, rubbing and stroking her soft flesh.

Janet bit her lips, but that didn’t stop a long m**n from escaping. Her waist lifted involuntarily from the bed, even as she clutched the covers beneath her.

“Good girl,” Ethan rasped and pressed two wet kisses on her cheek. He pulled back and straightened before unzipping his trousers and discarding them to the floor. Then, he hooked his fingers on the waistband of both her jeans and underwear and pulled them Off her in one swift motion.

Janet shivered from the cold, but Ethan was immediately above her, pressing his hard member against her s***k wetness.

He rubbed against her until she was dripping down to her t****s; then he slowly pushed inside. She was so tight that he had to pause and take a deep breath to keep himself from losing control.

A faint stabbing pain accompanied Ethan’s thickness as it entered her. Janet had the vague feeling of being stretched apart, and she couldn’t help but gasp at the sensation, Ethan grabbed her by the calves and braced himself before burying his entire length into her.

“Ah! Ethan…” Tears welled up in Janet’s eyes, while Ethan groaned in ecstasy, She could feel him throbbing inside her, as well as his pulse travel from where they were connected to every inch of her body.

Ethan hiked her legs up and wrapped them around his waist, then he leaned close and captured both of her wrists with one hand, pinning them over her head. His other hand cupped Janet’s jaw, prompting her lips to part for a deep, hot kiss.

He ravaged her mouth until he felt her relax and loosen around him. Only then did he start moving, pulling backward and plunging back in. She seemed to grow tighter with each thrust—or maybe it was he who was growing larger—but he kept thrusting, and she kept s********g him up.

Ethan’s c**k glistened in the dim light of the room. As he picked up his pace, their combined fluids slid down her tender flesh and soaked the sheets.

Janet’s back arched upward. Ethan kept pounding into her, his face pressed against the shell of her ear, his short, hoarse grunts filling the air. He pulled back a little to release her wrists. She immediately wound her arms around his neck, leaving a trail of red fingerprints on his broad shoulder as she held on for dear life. With his hands now free, Ethan cupped her b*****s and squeezed. He played with her n*****s with his thumbs, alternating between flicking them and rubbing them in lazy circles.

“Oh…” Janet gasped. They became a panting, writhing mass of intertwined limbs. The air above them soon became thick and heavy with their mingled breaths. Janet felt trapped in a never-ending web of pleasure, though she wasn’t entirely sure she wanted to escape it.

Her head fell to the side as another wave of raw bliss washed over her, and her gaze fell on the window.

Spring was almost upon them. Outside, small, delicate buds were appearing on the withered trees. A few birds were perched on the branches, eager for the warm season to begin. Janet briefly wondered if they were sparrows or swallows… She couldn’t tell from this distance.

But before she could mull it over further, Ethan took her chin again and turned her toward him for another torrid kiss. His fingers splayed out on the width of her neck as the rocking of their bodies grew more urgent.

Janet trembled at the force of it all, and Ethan chose that moment to put his palm on her lower abdomen, just below her navel. The next time he thrust into her, he simultaneously pressed down, causing her to clench even more tightly around him.

“Ah! Don’t… Ethan…” The next thing Janet knew, ripples of pleasure took over her body, wringing a scream out of her mouth. She felt herself burst into a million little pieces before falling back to the ground. She collapsed against the pillows, quivering and spent.

She might have passed out for a second there, but Janet didn’t really care. Ethan thrust into her one last time, shooting his hot s***n inside her with a throaty, drawn-out growl.

Janet’s eyes fluttered open and met his wild gaze. His lust was nowhere near slaked, and it showed in his face. She opened her mouth to say something, but his large hand came over her eyes and forced them closed. He shifted their legs in a different position, then proceeded with another round of his passionate onslaught.

The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire

The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire

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Janet was adopted when she was a kid -- a dream come true for orphans. However, her life was anything but happy. Her adoptive mother taunted and bullied her all her life. Janet got the love and affection of a parent from the old maid who raised her. Unfortunately, the old woman fell ill, and Janet had to marry a worthless man in place of her parents' biological daughter to meet the maid's medical expenses.

Could this be a Cinderella's tale? But the man was far from a prince, except for his handsome appearance.

Ethan was the illegitimate son of a wealthy family who lived a reckless life and barely made ends meet. He got married to fulfill his mother's last wish. However, on his wedding night, he had an inkling that his wife was different from what he had heard about her.

Fate had united the two people with deep secrets.

Was Ethan truly the man we thought he was? Surprisingly, he bore an uncanny resemblance to the impenetrable wealthiest man in the city.

Would he find out that Janet married him in place of her sister? Would their marriage be a romantic tale or an utter disaster? Read on to unravel Janet and Ethan's journey.


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